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Truck Magnets

Custom Magnets For Your Truck

Use Your Truck To Advertise!

Magnets are an affordable and temporary addition to any vehicle that can boost your business. Use magnets on your vehicle to spread the word about your business as you go about your day without having to make expensive modifications to your paint job. MagnetsOnTheCheap allows you to create custom messaging and graphics for your truck magnet to make sure your message is delivered exactly as you want it.

Why Our Magnets Are Next Level

We specialize in magnets, and have printed thousands over our years in business. Customers have used our magnets to outfit single trucks, and entire fleets! We may aim to be one of the most affordable custom magnet providers out there, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on quality or overall value. Here are some reasons why MagnetsOnTheCheap is your best choice for truck magnets:

Weather Ready: Durable and Long Lasting

Our magnets allow anyone to temporarily use their truck as a moving billboard! With this, we know our magnets need to be ready for anything. All magnets are printed using a digital print process and UV treated inks. This ensures we can produce your magnet fast with vibrant colors that will last a long time. Your truck goes through a lot, which means our magnets will too! We offer two thicknesses of magnetic material: our standard 0.030 magnetic material (100 lbs/sq ft pull strength) and our strongest 0.045 magnetic material (133 lbs/sq ft pull strength). Both magnet thicknesses are expected to have great hold to any metal surface, but we recommend our 0.045 material for magnets that will be on a truck that frequently travels at highway speeds!

Bulk Discounts - More Magnets, More Savings!

At MagnetsOnTheCheap, we’re used to printing as few as one magnet per order to 100s of magnets for a single customer! Whatever the quantity, we’re ready to produce and ship it! If you are in need of a large quantity of magnets, we offer price discounts for magnets that are the same size, thickness, and design. Outfitting your whole fleet of trucks means you’ll pay less per unit than a business buying magnets for a single vehicle.

Increase Brand Recognition In Your Community

Using truck magnets to advertise your business is a great passive way to generate interest around your community. Having magnets on your truck advertising your business delivers valuable information to future customers on the services you provide and how they can contact you. All of these perks come without the long term commitment of modifying your truck’s paint job to reflect your business’ information or branding.

Magnetic Sign Installation and Care

The great thing about magnetic signage is it is very easy to install!
First, find an area on your truck that is fully metal and completely smooth. Avoid any areas that have chrome details, or ridges, as these create gaps between the magnet and metal which reduce the overall adhesion of the magnet.
Thoroughly clean and dry the area you plan to adhere your magnet to. Dirt and grime can prevent a good seal between your magnet and truck.
Affix your magnet to your truck, and get advertising!

A few special notes on magnet installation:
Magnets should NOT be placed on a vehicle that has been painted in the last 90 days, clear coated in the last 60 days, or waxed in the last 7 days.
In the event of heavy snow, rain, or if your car is being washed, we recommend you take your magnetic signs completely off. Place them back on your vehicle after inclement weather has passed, or follow precautions listed above after your vehicle is washed.

Over time, your magnet may need some touching up and cleaning. Days on the road can lead to a buildup of dirt and dust on the surface of your print. We recommend that you take your magnet off your vehicle frequently (at least once every month), and wipe it with a soft cloth and lukewarm water to remove any dirt. Avoid harsh scrubbing or chemicals as they can damage your print. While your magnet is off your truck, go ahead and clean the surface underneath your magnet to ensure highest levels of adhesion upon replacement.