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12"24" heavey Duty Magnetic Signs
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9" x 12"

For small and mid-sized vehicles

12" x 18"

For small and mid-sized vehicles.

12" x 24"

For trucks, SUVs and full-size vehicles.

30 Mil Magnet - BEST DEAL!
60 Mil magnet - Heavy Duty Material

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Magnetic signs for cars are a great way for real estate agents, business owners, retail shops and even political campaigns to advertise. With hundreds of templates to choose from we allow you to create your own car magnet with personalized information like name, phone number and company website. Our custom car signs are made from high quality magnetic sheeting and printed with UV curable inks. Corners are rounded on all magnetic signs for extra durability and a professional look. Our car door magnets are easily removed when you are done advertising your business or want to take them off for the day..