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Car Magnets

Custom Magnets For Your Car

Advertise Your Brand With Your Car!

Use MagnetsOnTheCheap to help boost your brand recognition with economical and easy to use car magnets! Car magnets are a great opportunity to spread the word about your business by providing potential customers with contact information and services provided while you’re driving around town. Since car magnets are removable and temporary, you don’t have to worry about costly modifications to your car that you’re stuck with! Simply apply and remove your advertising car magnet as you desire. At MagnetsOnTheCheap, you can fully customize a car magnet to reflect your business’ branding and information. Take your advertising to new levels with car magnets!

Why Use MagnetsOnTheCheap?

Magnet is in our name, and for good reason! Over the years, we have printed thousands of car magnets for our customers! We strive to provide the best quality car magnets to our customers at a cheap price point. You’ll get a great deal on a great product that you’ll be proud to show off! Want more information on what we offer? Check out the following details on what we offer at MagnetsOnTheCheap:

Fully Customizable Car Magnets Using Our Online Design Tool

You have full creative control when it comes to designing your car magnet. We have a variety of templates available to serve as a launching point for your customized design! All our templates allow for full customization, from the text, color, and clipart, you can make changes and edit every element! If you already have a print ready file, our designer will allow you to upload your full design for ordering!

Durable And Ready For The Elements

Out of the box, all our car magnets are ready to hop on your car for a spin! They’ll be exposed to high wind speed, inclement weather, and hot summer days. But, with proper installation and care, our magnetic car signs should stick securely to your car for all to see! We use a digital print method with UV inks to help reduce fading of your design from direct sunlight. Our car magnets are also easy to clean (see Cleaning and Care section below), so you can keep them looking fresh over their lifetime.

Multiple Magnets = Bulk Discounts Available

Our customers order as few as one magnet up to hundreds of magnets! No matter your order’s size, we’re ready to get you professionally printed car magnets that you’ll love! If you are looking for bulk magnets, we offer discounted quantity pricing on magnets that are the same size, thickness, and design. We are also happy to offer promotional discounts on a regular basis, so check out the top pomo bar on your browser to see what promotion is applied to your order! If you have any questions or concerns about your order, feel free to give us a call before you checkout!

Custom Magnetic Car Sign Material Options

We offer many different sizes of magnets, and recommend you measure the space you want your magnet to be before ordering. Car magnets work best on a completely flat metal surface (avoiding any chrome details or ridges in your car’s bodywork). Once you have the size determined, we offer two thicknesses of magnetic material:

  • 0.030 Magnetic Material - this is our standard magnetic material! With 100lbs per square foot of pull strength, these magnets will hold well to any flat metal surface!
  • 0.045 Magnetic Material - our strongest and most recommended magnetic material has a pull strength of 133lbs per square foot. This thickness is recommended for magnets that will be used on vehicles traveling frequently at highway speeds.

Car Magnet Care And Installation

Our magnets are pretty low maintenance, but over time will start to collect dirt and dust when used on a vehicle. Our custom magnetic car signs should be cleaned with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Chemicals, soaps, or abrasive materials can damage your print or reduce its lifespan. We recommend that you remove your magnet from your vehicle frequently (at least once every month) for clearing and also cleaning of the area underneath your car magnet.

We have several best practices for installing your new magnet on your car.

  • Select an area you’d like your car magnet to adhere to. Ensure it is fully metal, and also avoid any bumps or ridges. Chrome details or vehicle accents can create gaps between your magnet and the metal of your car, which will lead to lower adhesion and a higher risk of the magnet falling off while you are driving.
  • Clean and dry the selected area of your vehicle thoroughly. It is important to have a completely clean and dry surface for your magnet. Any dirt or dust left behind can prevent your car magnet from getting a good hold on your car!
  • Place your magnet on your car, and enjoy advertising your business on the go!

In addition to the basic installation notes above, here are some other things to consider when using your magnet:

  • If you have had your car detailed or painted, please refer to the following guidelines. A magnet should NOT be placed on a vehicle that has been:
    • painted in the last 90 days
    • clear coated in the last 60 days
    • waxed in the last 7 days
  • Keep an eye on the weather! If there is heavy rain or snow in the forecast, we recommend removing your car magnet and storing until better weather returns. Magnets can slide off a vehicle if water is able to get between the magnet and the metal surface it is adhered to. Similarly, if you are washing your car, remove your magnet and replace it once your car is completely clean and dry. Do follow the notes in the previous point when it comes to applying a car magnet on a newly waxed vehicle.