Advertising With Magnetic Signs

Advertising Your Business With Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are an easy and inexpensive way to convert your vehicle into an effective marketing tool. Instead of spending more money for a permanent vehicle wrap, car magnets get the job done quickly and can be removed easily when you decide to upgrade. With vehicle magnets, your marketing message is exposed to many more potential clients. A survey conducted by the American Trucking Association reports that 91% of people recall the marketing message on a vehicle sign, and up to 75% form an impression of a business based on this message. The following tips will help you create business magnets that leave behind a positive impression.

Increase Visibility for Your Business & Brand

Magnetic signs are a great way to establish your business and brand to everyone who sees it. When designing your vehicle magnets, make sure to clearly display your business name, services, and company logo. If you decide to add any other graphics or text, they should relate clearly to your brand and not confuse or distract readers from the marketing message.

Magnetic Signs as a Marketing Tool

Company slogans should be included on your signs to promote your message. Remember to consider your target audience when developing magnetic signs and create signs that grab their attention while reinforcing why your business stands out from the rest in your field.

Highlight Important Information

Contact information should be the easiest text to read on your business magnets. Make the phone number and web site slightly larger and set apart from the rest of the sign. The fonts used should compliment the rest of the design and attract positive attention to the important information.

Designing Easy-To-Read Magnets

Most people will only have a few moments to read your vehicle magnets, so large letters and short, clear phrases will make the information easier to understand. The font and colors should match other marketing material for your business to increase recognition. Using a border around the message focuses attention and makes the sign easier to read. According to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO), signs with borders help viewers read 25% faster than signs without borders.

Choosing the Best Color Balance

Color combinations can make a huge impact on the readability of magnetic signs. A dark background with lighter letters is generally easier to read. Some of the most popular combinations include yellow on black or white on navy, black or dark green. Draw more attention to important contact information, like the phone number and web site, by making it a different color. According to the PCO, setting information apart with a different color increases reader retention up to 78%.

Maintaining Car Magnets

Vehicle magnets are strong, durable, and can last a long time. However, properly cleaning, maintaining, and storing business magnets will make your message appear loud and clear for many years to come. Read our article on cleaning and maintaining your car magnets to learn how to keep them looking like new.